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Pre Filter

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METAFIL media consist of multiple layers of pleated and flat aluminium or galvanized or stainless steel wire to provide an intricate maze of dirt-catching surfaces. Multiple layers of media offer maximum expanded filter surface. Heavy gauge expanded metal grids on both sides protect the media and add rigidity to the filter construction.



The filter elements METAFIL are mainly used as prefilters in air-conditioning and ventilation units for use in very difficult operating conditions including high velocity (up to 4,5 m/sec), high temperature, high moisture, corrosive environments, oil or grease laden air.


The traditional Fan-Coil filter has the filter media is supported by a coated rigid rod frame. There are three versions available:



PLAIN PANEL FILTER is a washable panel used widely in small air conditioning and fan-coil units, warm air furnaces, and electronic equipment cabinets. It is a low resistance filter often used to protect heat exchanger coils from dust, carpet fluff etc.


Multipleat filters are made from polyester synthetic media, two sizes by welded galvanized wire mesh. To increase the surface area and provide rigidity, this structure is corrugated and retained in a metal frame. Depending on the environmental conditions of operation, frames may be constructed from either galvanized or stainless steel, they are produced in 40mm, 45mm, 95mm, and 98mm thickness. Different grades of media are available are to provide G2, G3, G4 efficiency options.



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