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Weather Louver


PRIME Manufactures Weather Louvers, which are designed for both intake and exhaust air applications. The louvers havebeen designed to ensure that the basic parameters of minimum pressure loss, low self-generated aerodynamic noise andminimal water ingress are satisfied and also construction includes aesthetical appearance when viewed from outside.

Material Details:

  • All models of Weather Louvers are available in Aluminum* G.I. - galvanized sheet steel, coating to z-22 or Z-27 to the standards JIS 3302 or BS 2989, stainless steel to 304 2B, 316L in finish construction, according to the design conditions.

  • The respective suffix will indicate the type of material construction.

  • A* - Aluminum, G - Galvanized steel sheet, S - Stainless steel.

  • AEROVAC louvers construction confirms to ADC 1062 standard and DW 142 class C.

  • AEROVAC louvers offer effective barrier to weather and moderate pressure drops are maintained even in variable weather conditions.

  • AEROVAC louvers are strong and rigid in construction and are suitable for both industrial and commercial applications.

  • The weather louvers feature an extruded profiled blade, which acts as a rain lip and takes the rain water to outside.

  • This feature reduces the risk of flooding and water pouring down the face of the louver assembly. Once installed the individual blades cannot be removed thereby giving excellent security properties to the louver assembly.

  • AEROVAC louvers are available without or with Bird screen or Fly screen, Filters and Dampers are optional.

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