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Acoustic Transfer Grille Silencers


AEROVAC Attenuator shall be constructed entirely of G90 galvanized steel accordance with applicable ASHRAE guide recommendations of high pressure rectangular ductwork. Seams shall be lock- formatted and mastic filled. Outer casing shall be 22 gaugeminimum galvanized steel. Internal baffles shall be 24 gauge minimum galvanized perforated steel and filled with inorganic glass fiber absorbent material or sufficient density and packed under at least 5% compression to eliminate voids due to vibration and setting to obtain catalog ratings.

Materials Details and Features:

1. The casing of Sound Attenuator are manufactured from high quality galvanized sheet steel of Z-Z-270 g/m3 to the standards ASTM A653 / A653 M, JIS 3302 or BS 2989. (Also can be manufactured from stainless steel sheet to 304 2B, 316L in finish or aluminum construction optional).

2. End flanges are made of roll formed galvanized sheet steel angles as standards, mild steel angles with red oxide or zinc coated are used for larger units.

3. The Acoustic material is of an organic, incombustible, has a class 1 fire rating to UL procedures 723, and non-hygroscopic mineral fiber, which are retained by means of galvanized perforated sheet metal.

4. Attenuator splitters are of vermin proof, rot- proof non-combustiblematerial (when tested to UL procedure 723).

5. The acoustic media in the baffles or splitters is protected by galvanized perforated sheet metal or galvanized wire mesh (heavy duty diamond mesh) and are fabricated separately prior to assembly in to main casing.

6. The attenuators are designed in accordance with ASHRAE High Pressure Rectangular Duct Work, silencing for air distribution systems. The insertion and generated noise levels for each octave band and the pressure loss of the silencer are calculated through computer aided software and submitted prior to supply.

7. Inorganic mineral glass fiber meeting NFPA 90A, UL 723, and ASTM E84 of sufficient density and packed under at least 5% compression to eliminate voids and to obtain cataloged ratings.

8. All Attenuators are designed and developed with the most up to date calibration instruments and able to conduct acoustic and aerodynamic testing and commissioning at sites as per the given conditions and in accordance with ASHRAE standards at an additional cost.

9. All Sound Attenuators shall not leak or fail structurally when subjected to a different air pressure of 8i.w.g inside to outside of casing.

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TS-4 Grille Silencer

  • Interceptor Liner {Optional} (Acoustically Transparent Erosion Prevention Lining)
  • Suggested Specification for Rectangular & Circular Sound Attenuators
  • Silencer Submittal Sheet
  • Suggested Installation Guidelines
  • Commercial Acoustics transfer grille silencers are designed to provide the highest levels of privacy and security while allowing the necessary air flow. Grille transfer silencers can be used as fresh air intakes, exhaust air outlets or for room to room air transfer. Options include dampers, grilles, custom sizes and custom materials such as aluminum or stainless steel.

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