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Round Volume Control Damper


Volume Control Damper:

Aerovac rectangular Volume Control Dampers (VCD) with single skin & double skin aerofoil blades are widely used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Unique construction and manufacturing technique coupled with superior design make the series AV 11 & series AV 22 damper quiet & reliable giving conditioned controlled air volume to various zones.

  • The frame is constructed from galvanized steel sheet.(Also available in aluminium& stainless steel construction)

  • Blades are coupled by external concealed linkage / Gear Drive, which can be provided in either opposed or parallel blade operation, Blades can be provided with either single skin or double skin based on the requirement.

  • Linkage rods are coupled with hand locking quadrant frame in a "open & closed" marking. Hand locking quadrant frame is marked to show exact position of damper

  • Structure is available with flange edge and supplied undrilled as standard.

  • Designed for HVAC systems.

    Round Volume Control Damper:

    AVRD 33 is an ultra-low leakage steel butterfly control damper which has been designed for all types of round ductwork applications. Suitable for use in low to medium pressure and velocity commercial HVAC systems, the AVRD33 installs quickly and easily, saving money on installation costs. Design features a sturdy beaded casing for superior rigidity, a 20 ga. equivalent laminated blade double Bolted/Riveted to the drive shaft for maximum strength, long life corrosion resistant synthetic / Nylon bearings and blade seals for low leakage requirements. The damper can be used for two position or modulating control using electric actuators and can also be used as a manual balancing Damper or when positive shut-off is required by utilizing an optional hand locking quadrant. A variety of options are available to meet specific installation requirements and electric actuators are available for factory or field mounting.

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