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Hi-Efficiency Filter



HEPA Filters are used in situations requiring high or very high levels of air purity according to liquid seal technique. Typical applications can be found in hospitals, microelectronics, medicine, chemistry, pharmacy, microbiology, laboratories and food industry.


  • No leak with gel seal gasket

  • For laminar flows

  • Large filter surface

  • Low pressure drop, reduced energy consumption

  • Optimized velocity distribution

  • Guaranteed leak-free

  • Mechanically stable

  • Minimum risk of damage

  • One piece, no leak gasket

    DEEP PLEAT HEPA FILTERS(Absolute Filter)

    Deep Pleat Hepa Filters is a high efficiency, extended surface air filter designed for use in HVAC applications of all types. Rigid construction makes the Deep Pleat Hepa Filters is a superior filter in Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems or any application where extreme conditions require additional filter strength and reliability.


  • Large filter surface with deep-pleated micro-glass filter media

  • Temperature resistance up to 120°c

  • Low installation depth

  • High dust holding capacity

  • High air flow capacity with low pressure drop

  • High economic efficiency

  • Reduced energy operating costs


    V-Bank HEPA Filters consist of several mini-pleat filter packages which are assembled in V-Shaped forms in the frame. The main application of V-Bank HEPA filters is for high velocity with lower pressure drop in industrial and technical processes as well as sterile and pollution-free areas.

    Application of usages:

  • Hospitals

  • Biomedical

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Genetic Research

  • Universities

  • Laboratories

  • Food Processing

  • Photo Processing

  • Semi-conductor Fabrication

E-mail: contact@primeaircon.com | Country : Dubai,United Arab Emirates