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Around the world we are seeing the rapid progression of globalization, computerization, and diversification. Likewise, as a group, our vision and mission are set based on continuous innovation and energy efficiency. Businesses around the world struggle with the idea of change but this has been the core principle by which we stand as a group. Prime Focus Group has always worked towards innovation by constantly looking to improve its current methodology and quality process systems, so a better product can always be delivered to its customers. Every company needs to strive for excellence and working with best practices, automation is one of the best practices that has enabled Prime Focus Group in becoming market leaders.

Under the strong guided leadership of the United Arab Emirates, the country and has grown from strength to strength and therefor enabled Prime Focus Group to push towards excellence. “Made in UAE” holds the highest standards in quality and testing. Many distributors, contractors, consultants, and developers rely on quality products with international test certification manufactured by Prime Focus Group since 2000s with the help and support of over 650 employees.

On behalf of Prime Focus Group, I would like to thank all the stakeholders who have enabled us to grow and reach extraordinary heights. Together we will continue to bring you products of the highest quality.

Amiruddin Thanawalla

Managing Director

Prime Focus Group

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