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Pressure Dependent

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Pressure Dependent Variable Air Volume Unit Model: AV-200 :

Pressure Dependent Type VAVs combine the advantages of proven air handling concepts to give complete zoning flexibility at a lower cost from a single zone source. These VAVs complement by providing excellent temperature control and central air distribution with unlimited zoning, combined with common By-passing with VZD - Variable Zone Damper The added advantage of multi-zone systems are by supplying centralized air distribution form unwanted zones to demand related zones. Easy and simple to install, can be used with packaged/ducted / Air handling units in any buildings or of?ces and can be easily modified or relocated as interior requirements.

AV-200 series are pressure dependent type VAVs which are designed to achieve Variable Air Volume delivery of conditioned air to a room through a single duct. Variable Air Volume is achieved by directing a required volume of conditioned air in direct response to temperature control signals from the Modulating* / On/Off room thermostat.

The actual air quantities are determined by designing air quantity settings and space cooling settings.

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E-mail: info@primeaircon.com | Country : Dubai,United Arab Emirates