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All the types and models of Linear Slot are available in high-quality extruded aluminium. It is available in Mill finish and powder coated in various colour codes. Diffusers having the pleasing appearance and synchronize with the ceiling.


Operation: Used at the supply air side.
Airflow adjustment:Adjustment with Hit & Miss Damper & the deflection blades adjusting from the face with screw driver.
Frame: Inner & Outer aluminum frame are made up of the high quality extruded aluminum material Slot Blade: Slot Blades are also made up of extruded aluminum material.
Pipe: Aluminum pipes & Bushes are assembled with above frame & slot blade by riveting operation. Hit & Miss
Damper: it is manufactured by aluminum sheet, which is profile suited for slot inner & outer frame Slot Frames Finishing: Slot Frames are available in Mill finish and Powder coated.
Hit & Miss Damper Finishing: Hit & Miss Dampers are available in Black matt color (RAL 9005). Slot Blade
Finishing: Slot Blades are available in Mill Finish & Black matt colour (RAL 9005). Flow Pattern: The flow pattern available range 1 Slot to 9 Slot Supply.
Slot Width: The Available Slot Widths are 16 mm, 20 mm & 25 mm as standards.

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